USAG Junior Olympic Boys


Encore is proud to support a USAG competitive boys gymnastics program.  Our young teams have already achieved success.  Our Level 4 team finished second in the state in 2011, our first year of competition. Our Level 5 team finished second in the 2012 State meet and fifth in the 4 state District meet.  Our Level 4 team finished fourth in the state in 2015,  

This year we have had a number of individual and team wins.  At the recent State Meets, our Level 4 team finished 6th (out of 17 teams), our Level 5 team finished 3rd (out of 15 teams) and our Level 6 team finished 5th (out of 13 teams).


We currently support Level 4, 5 and 6 team programs.  Under the direction of team director Chris, we expect to continue to grow organically into the upper competitive levels.  Our boys teams practice two to three times per week for 6 to 10 hours.  We are equipped to train on all six Olympic events with supplemental strength, flexibility and trampoline training.

      The Level 5 Team celebrates 
          another great weekend

Boys 4Boys 6

                 Level 4 Team                                       Level 5 Team                                     Level 6 Team

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