GymTotz Program

Our Junior Beginner program is a gymnastics class for 4 to 5 year olds that meets once a week.  The curriculum is designed to introduce basic body positions, movements, and terms to help with spatial awareness.  Through imaginative play and movement exploration the child will develop physical readiness in a fun and exciting way.  Each level builds upon the skills of the earlier classes, to help the child develop more strength, flexibility, confidence and independence.

TumbleTotz  (ages 1 ½  - 2 ½ years)     45 minutes - Co-ed

This parent participation class encourages gymnastics exploration with Mom, Dad or other adult. These young explorers delight while climbing, crawling, sliding, jumping, rolling and bouncing their way through a 45 minute class of muscle building fun!  Classes begin with a short warm up, followed by multiple exercise stations, with instruction for the adult on how to work with their child.

Lil' Rascalz  (ages 3 – 4 years)    1 hour - Co-ed

This is the child’s first “independent” program.  This is a creative movement program where students are able to learn at their own pace. After a movement warm-up, the children explore obstacle courses and assorted work stations using virtually every piece of equipment to aid in development of tumbling, coordination, balance, and strength.  This class is not only fun for little ones; it also gives them what they need to get a head start on learning.  Gross and fine motor skills, basic coordination, listening skills and interactive play are just a few of the things to enjoy.

Junior Beginners  (ages 4 – 5 years)     1 hour - Girls     (formerly BigRascalz)

During every weekly co-ed class, the student works on tumbling, strength, hand/eye and foot/eye coordination, balance, flexibility, and social interaction. The class starts with movement warm-up followed by a gymnastics exploration time on bars, beam, trampolines, rings, wedges and mats.   Safety is always a priority, so each set-up is geared towards the size and attention span of the student.  The preschooler will enjoy learning in a playful way with the help of music and games. This class enhances coordination, listening skills and of course taking turns.

01 Junior

Lil Dudez  (ages 4 – 5 years)     1 hour - Boys

Encore recognizes that boys often learn differently than girls when it comes to gymnastics.  In addition, there are activities and events unique to boys gymnastics.  As a result, Encore is piloting an all boys Junior Beginner program called Lil Dudez.  While it still has the same learning objectives as the co-ed Junior Beginner classes, it will allow a more focused approach to introducing the boys to elements of men's gymnastics.

Junior Intermediate  (ages 4 – 5 years)     1 hour - Girls

For those young ladies displaying a greater focus and command of introductory skills, we offer this intermediate class.  This program provides a further introduction to the various gymnastics disciplines, continuing the “fun” environment while progressing at a quicker pace.

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