Girls Gymnastics Program

Our GymKidz Academy offers instruction for grade school girls.  All classes focus on the fundamentals of artistic Gymnastics along with the development of strength and flexibility; a formula that complements and enhances any sport.  Our gymnastics curriculum follows the progressions promoted by USA Gymnastics.  There is instruction on each of the four events:  uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise and vault.  Each week the class gets to 3 events (repeating one from the previous week for reinforcement) with various skill stations.  We maximize our student:teacher ratio at 8 to 1.

Beginners    1 hour

This is a structured program for beginner to intermediate gymnasts. This program caters to girls of different abilities with an emphasis on increasing skill level in a positive and fun atmosphere. This class develops strength, flexibility, and balance ... the fundamentals for gymnastics and all sports.  You will enjoy watching your daughter learn and have fun as she is taught gymnastic skills on each of the Olympic events. Girls will learn significant skill progressions on Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise, and the Trampoline.  

Intermediate    1 1/2 hours

Students in this class will be challenged to try new and different skills on all four events. There is a large focus on strength, power and technique. As their strength and skill levels increase, they will be challenged with more complex skills on all apparatus.  The program is designed. to provide the gymnast with intermediate level gymnastics skills, cardiovascular endurance and strength building in a safe and fun environment.

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Advanced    2 hours

This Advanced level continues to work on more difficult skills as well as fitness, flexibility and strength. The student will increase their knowledge in the basics of tumbling - working up to back handsprings and more.  They will perfect their skills with part of their training on our trampolines.  They can also work towards qualifying for a team or pre-team program.

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