The Encore Culture

Welcome to Encore Gymnastics Academy.  From your first visit to the gym, you will realize that we are truly different.  We hope you like what you see and will become a part of the Encore family.

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It is All About the Kids

Our mission is to ensure that each child has a fun and rewarding experience at Encore.  We know that gymnastics is more than just mats, blocks and beams.  It represents the building blocks for life.  We choose gymnastics for our children as a physical activity.  Did you know that you are helping your child in more than just muscle strength, flexibility, healthy bones, balance and posture?  Enrolling your children in gymnastics will also help with their cognitive, social, and psychological development.  Perhaps most importantly, a child’s self-esteem, self-confidence, mental discipline, performance and coordination can all be expected to improve as a result of gymnastics.  We understand this and ensure that each child benefits from these principles.  Remember, it’s not just about the cartwheel!
Coach Oso is ready to go as the Gymnasts
    practice their best smiles before they start
    their ride on Encore’s 4th of July float.

The Encore Mantra

The Encore Mantra is simple: "to create magical experiences daily." We aim to provide you with a level of service, unmatched in the industry. We live to teach.  Creating magical experiences for your child(ren) is our primary goal.  And, as can be seen, the experience extends beyond the class.

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 A gymnast looks for the perfect spot to place                     Coach Brunhilda poses with Captain America, one of over two
   her stocking on the 
Encore Christmas Tree                 t    thousand kiddos she met at HRCA’s Trick or Treat Street.
which gets decorated with thousands of lights
    and hundreds of personalized stockings.

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